Italy is making its move to quarantine 16million individuals – Which is a sign of forward thinking or a sign of something very serious? Are there other regions that are falling behind due to lack of resources?

If there are a lack of resources, then who today, is pumping up the volume of manufacturing TEST KITS that are economic for every household individual to get tested regardless.

Test Kits should be offered to CITIZENS of any country that is caring about the well being of individuals that contribute to the overall well being of the COUNTRY it lives in.

Italy is serving as a good example, a PIONEER in this process, where others need to also think about whether it’s necessary to get quarantined, OR is there a concern that is resulting in ITALY where it gave ITALY no choice, but to QUARANTINE because that was the only option it has – And.. if it is the case that is the only option, then what INSPIRED ITALY to make this move? How can we take the same framework of what occurred in ITALY, and look for other regions that can follow and make the same moves. – And… who provided ITALY with the TEST KITS to support 16 million tests/quarantines?

How is ITALY actually quarantining that many people? And how did ITALY determine that 16 million need to be quarantined?

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