Keep your Phones & Devices clean from germs.

Always use some type of Cleaning Cloth or Disinfectant to maintain cleanliness of your devices, phones, and such mini computers where your HANDS are ALWAYS TOUCHING and leaving hand liquid residues on those devices OR in fact, even in public environments. Why not wipe your hands and use some cloth when opening a door that the public’s hands are accessing?

Stay Indoors – No need to go outside unless you really need something – Take a Hand Sanitizer with you.

If you need to go somewhere, then go, but if you don’t, then you might as well stay in doors and avoid too many public interactions where there are chances of interfacing with the CORONAVIRUS infected regions, zones, areas, or public environments where many CORONAVIRUS sourced tourism, individuals, such can be interacting – THIS IS SPECULATIVE and just an OPINION for now.

Staying Clean and Using Sanitizers to maintain Sanity

Using cleansing approaches such as SURFACE CLOTHS or HAND SANITIZATION efforts to mitigate germs from living, is a good way of addressing an overall wellness for daily hygiene and living conditions, speculatively. Logically speaking, it makes sense to have this has a regular regimen in overall daily lifestyle.